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The Most Expensive Planter

This weekend I built the most expensive planter. It cost $482, to be exact.

DIY large planter -- Plaster & Disaster

I know what you’re thinking: “That planter looks…fine. But is it filled with gold? How could it possibly have cost almost $500?”

Here’s the budget breakdown:

  • Lumber: $62
  • Stain: $6 (not yet applied, obviously)
  • Wheels: $16
  • Lining: $10
  • Rocks: Free
  • Replacement back windshield: $388

Shattered windshield -- Plaster & Disaster

The answer to “Will this plywood fit in my car? What’s the worst that can happen?” is, apparently, “No, it cannot, and the worst that can happen is that you will shatter your window and fulfill the belief held by everyone in the Lowes’ parking lot that a woman should not be on her own buying lumber.”

Learn from my mistakes, people: if your trunk isn’t closing, don’t just try to slam it a little harder. Sorry I didn’t capture a photo of the car with the plywood jutting out the shattered back window, but I think it’s a good thing that my first instinct when suddenly finding myself covered in broken glass wasn’t “I need to document this for my blog.”

Shattered windshield -- Plaster & Disaster

Injuries were very minor, just a few cuts on my legs and feet since I was wearing shorts and sandals and the window broke all over me. Really it could have been a lot worse.

I also got pretty lucky and found Safelite Autoglass to replace it, which is a national chain. There are a number of smaller shops with good reviews near me, but all were closed on Saturday and Sunday and I did not want to wait the whole weekend without knowing how I would resolve this — especially since I was supposed to drive a car full of co-workers to New Hampshire on Tuesday for a work retreat.

Fortunately Safelite took my call, gave me an estimate over the phone, and scheduled me for first thing Monday morning at a location 15 minutes from my house. (To be clear, this post is in no way shape or form sponsored by them…I just figured I’d share my good luck since they’re national and maybe it will be relevant to you some day.)

They replaced the window in 90 minutes while I waited, and I was on my way to the office in no time. Is that how I would have chosen to spend $388? Obviously not. But in the grand scheme, it could have been so much more expensive and problematic.

And clearly I still owe you more details about how I built that amazing planter. I will get it stained and actually fill it with dirt, and then I will be back to tell you all about it! In the meantime I’m just enjoying how it hides the crawl space doors and most of the AC wiring.DIY large planter -- Plaster & Disaster

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